We Guarantee Service

For Homeowner and Pro alike

Trust & Safety

Using service.com throughout the entire transaction process provides contractors, service pros, and homeowners alike with many concrete benefits. You know your home improvement project is on the right track when you hire with service.com. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!



Issue Resolution

All orders have a documented chat history of all transactions between the homeowner and service pro or contractor. If an issue occurs between a service pro and homeowner, one of our Project Managers will help resolve it.  



Verified Users

We pride ourselves in verifying that our pros are trustworthy and reliable. The vetting process includes intensive research into a contractor's background. We also automate credit checks, ensuring pros get paid on time when they complete a job.



Service Guarantee

All work performed on service.com comes with at least a 90-day guarantee. Our team has the experience to ensure you’re satisfied with either the job you’re performing as a service pro or the work that’s been done to your home.