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Just sign up! It’s free for both pros and homeowners. If you’re a homeowner, feel free to browse our service pros either from the search bar by job and zip or by category just below. And business owners, check out the benefits we offer your company.

We never charge homeowners or pros a fee to join and use service.com. As a customer, you only pay when satisfied with the work the service provider has done. It’s always free to make an account for both pros and homeowners; however, service professional are charged a success fee on the completion of jobs as well as standard bank processing fees on debit and credit cards.

For our pros to appear in the search results, they must first become verified. Verification is done by collecting important business information on each company so as to ensure it is appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured for its industry as well as to generally vouch that a company is in good standing. This also includes a thorough background check into each company. If you are a business owner who has already joined service.com but have not yet been verified, you can do so on your company profile.

Call us at (888)805-0010 or email help@service.com. You can even chat with us right from our site. Our office hours to speak with a Project Manager are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m EST. Please feel free to leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

They are the concierge gurus who help keep projects running smoothly. They monitor chats and will jump in if there are any misunderstandings or conflicts between pros and homeowners. Our Project Managers will also help you find the help you need to get your home improvement projects started.

Service.com’s Project Managers don’t just work for our homeowners, they also work closely with our service pros to help them manage their leads and customers as well as helping pros set up and maintain their Pro Pages and making sure they take advantage of all of the benefits service.com has to offer.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. A customer’s prefered payment information is securely stored on our site. This assures the service professional is paid promptly for satisfactory work without the hassle of mailed invoices. It also protects the homeowner as service.com has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work that was provided and paid for through service.com. Pros are able to conveniently store their bank account information on our platform so customer payments can be direct deposited within one – two business days.

Pros are paid directly through an ACH transaction directly into their bank account. Debit cards are subject to a 1% bank transaction fee and Credit Cards a 3% fee.

Service.com charges a tiered fee based on the final price of the job. The lead fee pricing is as follows:
$2,499 and less: 7%
$2,500–$4,999: 6%
$5,000–$9,999: 5%
$10,000–$19,000: 4%
$20,000–$49,000: 3%
$50,000 and up: 2%

We only collect a lead fee when you perform work for new customers that hired you through service.com, or if you go out of band by accepting cash or check rather than taking payment via service.com.

Our privacy policy can be found here and our Terms and Conditions here.

Absolutely! If you check an average web page URL, you can see the address starts with http; however, a secured site will read, https. See that very important S at the end? Service.com has one of those keeping your information safe and secure. You can also check for a lock icon, generally somewhere in the address bar.

Customers who have hired the pro and have experience with the company’s work are invited and encouraged to leave an honest review. We give all companies an opportunity to respond to criticism.

As a pro, it happens sometimes even when you consistently do great work. Not everyone is easily pleased or has realistic expectations. Service.com gives pros the right to respectfully refute any statements made online about their companies. Only customers who have used the company they are reviewing are invited to leave an honest review of the services they have received. We believe honest reviews given as constructive criticism allows our companies a chance to better their business for their customers, and also gives other customers seeking home improvement work a chance to make the most and best informed decision. Service.com reserves the right to remove any reviews posted.

Log in to your account and go to settings by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the upper-left of the page. From there, you’ll see different options you can select to enter or update your information.

If you can’t remember your password, just hit the forgot password button and enter your email address that’s connected with your service.com account. An email will be sent prompting you to reset your password.

Log in to your account and go to account settings. At the bottom of the page there is an option to change your password.

Give us a call at (888)805-0010 to talk with a project manager, or shoot us an email at pm@service.com

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